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AB 2881 Implementation Tools

California has just enacted a new law to support parenting college students! The new law, referred to as AB 2881, will require colleges and universities in California to provide priority registration for student parents (by July 2023), and to notify them of resources and supports critical to their success (by Feb 2023). AB 2881 covers student parents at both the undergraduate and graduate level at all publicly-funded universities in California. This law is the first in the nation and represents a huge victory for student parents; read our blog to learn why.

Learn more about the law and how your campus can implement it using the tools below.

Basics and Frequently Asked Questions

Learn the AB 2881 basics with our frequently asked questions.

Compliance and Best Practice Support

Learn more about ways to use the new requirements to support student parents beyond the minimum required by law.

Website and Communications Tools

Communication tips, fliers, and sample text for your legally-required webpage.

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