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For Faculty

As a faculty member, you are responsible for being familiar with and complying with Title IX requirements in your classroom and on campus. It is essential that faculty members do not discriminate, remain responsive to the needs expressed by pregnant and parenting students, and attune to impacts over intention.  

How faculty can help

We know institutions ask a lot of you! We also know that faculty members hold more positional power and institutional insight than students, and so it is essential that faculty members are well-versed in Title IX, know what supports exist on campus, and know where to direct a pregnant student or student parent to get their needs met. Faculty members can be incredible allies in the work towards reproductive justice on college campuses.  We hope the resources below can aid you.

To request additional resources or for assistance, contact us.


Title IX Basics 

Best Practice Guides for supporting students and researchers.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What if I need help too? 

More Tools and Resources 

New Title IX Regulations are HERE! To learn more and be the first to receive our updated materials, visit our Title IX Updates page.