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For Students & Postdocs

Learn how Title IX protects pregnant and parenting college students from discrimination and guarantees leave and accommodations.

For Faculty

Discover faculty obligations to comply with Title IX’s accommodation and leave requirements in your classroom or lab.

For Administrators

Use our resources and Model Policy as examples of how to satisfy Title IX rules and provide strong support for students at your college or university.

What We Do

The Pregnant Scholar Initiative is the nation’s first and only legal resource center for pregnant and parenting students. We aim to create an educational system where no student is asked to choose between their education and their family. The Pregnant Scholar’s team provides technical assistance to college and university administrators, faculty, and students, training on Title IX’s pregnancy-related protections, and assistance implementing best practice policies to support pregnant and parenting students. We share strategies that center student voice, destigmatize pregnancy and parenthood in academia, secure legal rights for students, and integrate family-responsive practices into the campus environment. Our work uses an intersectional framework, and it is guided and reinforced by our commitment to striving for gender, racial, and disability justice.

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News and Updates

In June, the Department of Education released its proposal for new Title IX rules. These regulations, if adopted, will clearly articulate the rights of pregnant students and the steps that colleges and universities nationwide must take to protect them. The Pregnant Scholar Initiative at the......

Sade is currently working towards her Master’s in Higher Education Administration & Leadership at California State University, Fresno. As a mother of two, Sade’s insight reveals important lessons about what works and what needs to be improved to best support pregnant and parenting students.  Read......

Today is the 50th anniversary of Title IX being signed into law! While the landmark law prohibiting sex discrimination in education has long protected pregnant and parenting students, we know more protections are sorely needed to make Title IX’s promise of gender equity in education a......